Fitting Advice

Fitting Advice & Guides

Rubber flooring can be fitted by laying it down. Our manufacturer advises pu adhesive for 10mm & 20mm to stick it to the floor however that is not essential.

When fitting turf, get your local carpet fitter to do it, as they will be able to cut and join neatly where needed. They will also have carpet glue. If you are happy to go DIY then make sure you use Carpet glue as other glues may react. 



Use a clean surface and make sure that the surface is level. Leave enough space for the edging. We recommend around 15mm to allow for any expansion. These mats can be easily cut and adjusted to fit your space – it is advised that you use a Stanley knife and a straight edge if you did want to adjust.

We advise that you do not place any other surfaces on top of the jigsaw mats as it could cause warping.